HRG 348 was found near my home in Magor South Wales in June 1992. The car had not been run for over 20 years, the front end was badly damaged where children used to drive the car around a field pulled by a tractor. The engine that was stripped with damaged pistons and bent con rod was in a box on the rear luggage deck. Restoration took over 2000hours and 26 months.

Removal of parts started.





New inner and outer sills fitted, new foot wells fabricated and welded in.





Underside now fully welded.






Engine ready for building.






Gearbox fitted with a full set of new bearings.





New wings made for me, very badly. Spent weeks modifying them to correct shape.





Shell in primer.





Spraying  topcoat to underside.






Ten plus coats of top quality cellulose.






Daughter Ceri again enjoying the new carpets.






Interior trim complete.






After 26 months the finished article.

September 1st 1994





After eleven years of ownership HRG 348 was sold on June 8th 2003. The new owner lives near Birmingham, look out now for progress on the Smith Special.