My 4-seater Topolino was saved from the crusher along with a scrap 500A back in 1998, the cars were collected from a field not far from Ipswich FXE 872 is now in a friends farm awaiting major restoration.

Little is known about the 4-seater Topo, it is said that 400 were built in 1939 in the U.K?

All were right hand drive; chassis and running gear were standard apart from the differential unit this being 5.1-1 instead of the normal 4.87-1. The car was priced at 134.15s plus tax of 5.5s

Of the 400 cars built only 7 are known to survive in the U K with a few scattered around Europe.

Who is brave enough to take on this restoration?

Just to show that it can be done take a look at  the before and after pictures of Derrick Mattraver's 4-seater